Aston Tech partners with IT technology leaders who are driving innovation and improving our client's business outcomes with their brands. Aston listens to our clients, analyzes industry direction and disruptions and makes measured decisions to invest and prepare our engineers on technology solutions that positively impact our clients. By focusing on these strategic vendor architectures, we develop deep engineering and design expertise that can be robustly leveraged by our clients.

Hot Tech @ Aston


Cisco Identity Services Engine - ISE
Intuitive network security for the digital age

Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure - ACI
Enabling scalable multi-cloud networks with consistency

Amazon Web Services - AWS
Optimized, manageable and secure cloud computing

Dev Trends

Artificial Intelligence
Harnessing and applying the intelligence of automation

Progressive Web Apps
Web concepts to deliver app-like experience on mobile

Mixed Reality
Hybrid reality automating the delivery of technical tasks

IT Differently

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